“Les Pianos Folies”, a festival that takes place at the end of the summer, is one of the best musical events held at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. It attracts some of the greatest virtuosos from across the world as well as pianists from all walks of life.

During “Les Piano Folies”, the second half of August plays out to the sound of 60 concerts performed for all audiences. Every year, nearly 150 artists reveal the scope of their talent at some unusual venues, giving this festival a very special charm that makes it one of a kind. The promise of high-running emotions for festival-goers, be they classical music enthusiasts or just curious visitors.

Music, the star of summer

Indeed, “Les Piano Folies” is first and foremost a festival that immerses us in an outstanding musical environment. It is an event made of memorable encounters with the greatest pianists around today! During a whole week of surprises, classical music rings out from all around, enveloping the resort in an atmosphere of togetherness that will delight children and adults alike.

The show promises even more festivities with some of the concerts being hosted in the brand new Maurice Ravel auditorium at the Conference Centre. A nod to the famous composer who used to visit the resort.

Visit the website www.lespianosfolies.com for more details and to see the full programme for the event.

The festival is the flagship musical event of Le Touquet Paris -Plage and also contributes to the resort’s wider reputation as a culture hotspot. In fact it extends across the Opal Coast, with side events taking place in Hesdin , Montreuil-sur-mer, Étaples-sur-mer and Rang-du-Fliers.

Classical music lovers, piano enthusiasts and mere visitors will all have a great time during this week of “musical madness”.


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