There are some things that can never be forgiven. And leaving without having tried the local specialities is one of them! So follow our lead and take our tips on where to find them and how to enjoy them to the full… 

Chocolate, one of the star treats of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, is the perfect way to treat yourself during an afternoon shopping spree. And there’s no shortage of great addresses to satisfy your whim!
Right in the heart of the Opal Coast, about 20km from Le Touquet, the Beussent-Lachelle chocolate shop proposes its own handmade delights. Orangettes, mendiants, biscuits and chocolate spread… This shop on Rue de Metz has treasures galore!
But others deserve a mention too, such as Au Caprice Touquettois, Chocolaterie Trogneux and Georges Larnicol, for example, all on Rue Saint Jean. Not forgetting Le Chat Bleu, one of the oldest boutiques in Le Touquet.

Decidedly spoilt for choice, sweet-toothed visitors can prolong the pleasure with a crêpe, a delicious pastry from Opaline, or a homemade sorbet from the laboratories of Kokoa, Les Mignardises or Des Lys du Touquet, for an iced marvel 100% made in Le Touquet.

Miracle factories 

After a glass of La Touquettoise beer*, another of the resort’s firm favourites, head for Rue Saint Louis, where La Manufacture du Touquet is at work producing delicious biscuits. No doubt you’ll be enticed through the door by the delicious smells! From traditional plain shortbread to chocolate marshmallows and parmesan-flavoured crackers, Alexandre’s creations are limited only by his own imagination.

At breakfast time, you can enjoy a luxury worthy of the best hotels in the form of organic jam by Tea Together. Made in Le Touquet, these jams are sold across the world and savoured at 5-star hotels, among others.

But for those who resolutely prefer a savoury treat, the famous Pérard Red Label soup shouldn’t fail to please. You can find it just about anywhere both in the resort and beyond our borders. Add a few croutons and a little rouille, then follow up with a fabulous seafood platter. Guaranteed success!

*Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly.