The high arches of the Indoor Market echo with the pleasant murmur of merry dialogue. The stalls are covered by a colourful array of local produce of every kind. It is this variety, combined with the quality of the produce, that has built the reputation of Le Touquet’s market.

Located in the very heart of the town, a stone’s throw from the shops of Rue Saint-Jean, the market hall inaugurated in 1932 is one of the resort’s liveliest spots. Throughout the year, it bursts into life on Thursday and Saturday mornings, as well as on Mondays during the summer.

A delight for the five senses

Fish and seafood fresh from the catch, deliciously juicy fresh fruit in every shape and form, as well as olives, dried fruit, meat, cheese, locally-grown organic vegetables, eggs… Just for the sensory pleasure, wander through the aisles on a mouthwatering quest for new flavours. Here, everything invites you back to the kitchen and the smells alone get your tastebuds yearning.

On your way round, don’t forget THE star product of Le Touquet, or rather, the star of potatoes. Indeed, the “Ratte du Touquet”, an elongated variety with a delicate chestnut taste, is a firm favourite among Michelin-starred chefs.

A feast for the eyes

While the market hall is devoted to food, the pavement outside is occupied by vendors proposing clothes and accessories. Passing through on foot or by bike, smiling visitors take their time, rummage about and chat as they fill their baskets. 

It’s worth taking a step back to also admire the unusual architecture of the market building itself. It was designed by Henri-Léon Bloch in a neo-regional style combining, among other materials, Baincthun stone and flat roof tiles from Boulogne-sur-Mer. The central arch straddling Rue Jean Monnet, is a symbol of the link between the two facets of Le Touquet, the sea and the forest.

As you’ve guessed, this Indoor Market is a key attraction of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, and offers a pleasant place to stop on your way to the beach.