With nearly 70 restaurants of every kind, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage boasts a culinary wealth that’s rarely seen. 

Le Touquet’s culinary heritage is enough to make even the most discerning mouth water. Many local chefs have succeeded in turning their restaurants into well-known institutions. This indelible stamp makes the resort a hotspot for fine-food gourmets… as well as those who just love food. 

A taste for excellence

Le Touquet’s hospitality school teaches the artists of tomorrow to handle their knives, gain an eye for presentation, and add a poetic touch to every dish. 

In addition, a whole host of high-end restaurants make this resort stand out from the crowd. In 2007, William Elliot’s fresh innovations earned him a Michelin Star. He is the chef of Le Pavillon, the restaurant at the Barrière Le Westminster, a flagship hotel of the Opal Coast. The restaurants Le Paris, Côté Sud and La Table du West, have each been awarded a Michelin Plate for their excellent value for money. 

And they are not the only ones to fly the local gastronomy’s colourful flag! Carte Blanche, Boko Baya, Les 2 Moineaux, Chez Flavio, Au Village Suisse, La Dune aux Loups… are but a few of the names that conjure enchanting images of food to die for.

Addresses galore waiting to be discovered

Bistros, brasseries, restaurants with themes, world cuisine … Variety is another watchword among the restaurants of Le Touquet. Here, you get great-tasting food whether you dine on the terrace or just order a snack. And the day is full of opportunities to nibble something nice.

From a traditional seafood platter at Pérard’s to Le Touquet-style burgers, not forgetting the timeless duo of mussels and chips, you’ll find all the classics here too. Based on a revisited savoir-faire, all these dishes form an integral part of Le Touquet’s culinary heritage.

Check out our chefs’ favourite recipes as seen in the Toques & Saveurs d’Opale food guide, available at the Tourist Office or for download here

Seafront, forest or town centre… The setting and ambiance may vary but, when you eat out in Le Touquet, you always know your meal is prepared by talented chefs who put all their passion into making sure you enjoy your food.