Imagine… With your deckchair firmly planted in the sand, you sip at a cocktail to the sound of jazzy music, gazing at the sea and the silhouettes of horses and sandyachts dancing like shadow puppets against the setting sun. Get the picture?

Decking, deck chairs and parasols: the scene is set. No wonder the beach bar has so much charm!

“I’ve often tried places like this in the South of France, and I’m very pleased to see them popping up on the Opal Coast. They make the ideal spot to enjoy a quiet drink at any time of the day.” 

David P., tourist and epicurean from Paris

There’s the sky, the sun, the sea…

Open from the Easter holidays until Halloween, these establishments are great places to unwind but also to enjoy a bite to eat. From icecream parlours to lounge bars, they each have their own style, from family-friendly to casual or cosy. Add a musical, summer or party atmosphere, cold drinks and the sublime setting of the sun-drenched beach, and you’re in for a real sense of wellbeing, to be shared or enjoyed alone.

As the sun goes down and the light wanes, yielding to a gentle coolness, the beautiful beach of Le Touquet reveals its full immensity. This is the perfect moment to get together and savour life’s best moments, all to the sound of breaking waves and distant laughter.

And why not prolong this magical moment until the stars come out?


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