Deep in the centre of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Avenue Saint-Jean and the streets that cross it or run parallel are the scene of unleashed excitement. Take all your senses for a thrilling experience in the resort’s beating heart.

Succumb to temptation

To unwind or reel with delight, the town centre of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is THE place to be on the Opal Coast.

Walking up Avenue Saint-Jean, your eyes are drawn like magnets to the shop windows. Major retailers rub shoulders with the boutiques in a wonderful array of colours. Then, as you reach the end of the street, your nostrils feel the first hint of sea spray as the breeze caresses your legs and gently ruffles your hair.

As you stroll enthusiastically through this town, your dwindling bank account won’t be enough to stop you smiling. This is the place to treat yourself, feast your eyes and ears, and regale your tastebuds. In fact, your senses are sent permanently reeling at the burst of colour offered, for example, by the stalls at the indoor market, where flowers compete with fruit and vegetables, and jewellery with wicker baskets.

Bored? Not a chance!

Rue de Paris, Rue de Metz, Rue de Londres, Rue de Moscou…Le Touquet is a whole chessboard of streets where delicious smells emanate from the restaurants and terraces, packed from morning to evening. For a cup of coffee or to sip a cocktail, this is the place to just sit and enjoy the moment, whatever the time of year.

At nightfall, as the shops gradually empty, the mad buzz of the nightlife is already underway. Never mind what time it is, you won’t get bored in the centre of Le Touquet, where the laughter of children mingles with lively conversation and cries of joy.