It promises to be a lovely day in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, so head for the forest to enjoy a revitalising bike ride! 

As fans of the resort know only too well, the ‘inhabited’ forest of Le Touquet is dotted with superb (but discreet) villas, but also conceals some less frequented places too. These hidden gems will reveal themselves as you explore the shady lanes at your own gentle pace. You’ll love getting lost in this maze, just for the pleasure of making new discoveries.

A gentle bike ride in the cool shade of the pines

Here, cycling is your best option. Away from the roads, the cycle paths are a real joy to explore on a relaxing family ride for cycle-touring fans. 

In the safety of the ancient pine forest, it takes just a few turns of the pedal to escape to a timeless place where nature reigns and invites comtemplation. Between villas tucked against their woodland backdrop and vast, unconcealed gardens for all to see, every street corner has a surprise in store. 

Along the edge of the pine forest that borders the golf course, you can see the golfers enjoying a relaxing round, sometimes greeting you with a wave or a smile. That’s when you realise you’ve slowed down, as if to prolong this pleasant ride in the fresh air with your hair blowing in the wind.