From Place du Centenaire on the seafront, to the Jardin des Arts just a stone’s throw from Rue Saint-Jean, art is everywhere in
Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

The Museum of modern and contemporary art nestling in the forest, and the multiple art galleries, are proof that the resort has inspired painters, sculptors and photographers ever since its creation.

In fact, it was Édouard Lévêque (1857-1936), a painter and writer from Le Touquet, who came up with the resort’s famous “Opal Coast” designation, to emphasise the inspiring light with which these shores are blessed.

“Does nature have anything that possesses this ever-changing diversity of colour? Yes, it has opal, a precious milky-coloured stone that shimmers with alternating tones of green and red. After the Azur Coast, the Emerald Coast and the Silver Coast, may we add to the list the Opal Coast, our coast!”

Édouard Lévêque, painter from Le Touquet, February 1911

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, this “Gem of the Opal Coast”, is, then, a natural Art Heaven. In the forest, around the Way Side villa or the Parc des Pins, you’ll come across some monumental sculptures, including one by Albert Féraud that takes pride of place in the middle of the Jardin des Arts. 

Le Jardin des Arts

In the heart of the town, it is the turn of the art galleries to steal the show. The Birdie gallery, for example, on Boulevard Daloz, showcases pieces by Alain Godon, a painter and sculptor whose name is closely linked to that of the resort. There you’ll find canvas reproductions of his works. The originals are at the 1bis-Godon gallery on Avenue du Verger. Did you know that the Paris-Plage Tower standing on Place du Centenaire, was sculpted by this artist?

Museum in a villa

As for the Way Side Villa in the heart of the forest, this elegant building of Anglo-Norman style serves as a showcase for the precious collections of the Touquet-Paris-Plage Musem. Built in 1927 by Henri-Léon Bloch, it was originally intended for the wife of the ambassador of the United States of America.

On the lawns around the house, sculptures by Jean-Pierre Rives and Albert Féraud blend harmoniously into the woodland landscape. Inside, the works of art are displayed in rooms that still have their original woodwork features. This venue oozes with warmth, offering visitors a very special connecting-with-art experience.

Eugène Chigot, Femmes de pêcheurs scrutant l’horizon, 1894 |

© Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage / Bruno Jagerschmidt

The collections include the works of painters who have succeeded remarkably well in capturing the Opal Coast’s special light, including the likes of Eugène Boudin, Henri Le Sidaner and Eugène Chigot. Not forgetting the fabulous collection of 344 autographed photographic portraits of illustrious figures dating from the first half of the 20th century. The modern and contemporary art collections include works by Ladislas Kijno, Peter Klasen and Victor Vasarely. The display is renewed regularly, promising wonderful new discoveries on every visit.

Sarah Bernhardt, La Mer, 1875 | © Musée du Touquet-Paris-Plage / Bruno Jagerschmidt

Le Touquet Museum is also the perfect place to give your family a taste for art. All year round, the friendly staff organise some original activities to stimulate the curiosity of children.