Since it first opened at the start of the 20th century, Le Touquet Casino has hosted many musicians come to head the evening line-up at this young seaside resort. This holiday destination for artists in need of rest and socialites in search of inspiration, was frequented by the likes of Maurice Ravel, among others.

It was in the bars of this resort that the young Lucien Ginsburg earned his living playing the piano, before being launched on an outstanding career as Serge Gainsbourg. In fact, he was sitting at the piano of Chez Flavio when he wrote his famous song, “Le Poinçonneur des Lilas”. That piano still stands in the restaurant, where the windows overlook the Parc des Pins and the bandstand named after the star.

While Gainsbourg’s music rekindles what we might call golden-age nostalgia, music still occupies an important place in Le Touquet. It can be heard throughout the year in a succession of specialist festivals ranging from baroque to electro, with jazz somewhere in between.

“Le Touquet is home to every musical genre, and an event to highlight each one.”

Yvan Offroy, creator and manager of the Les Pianos Folies Festival

An eclectic programme for every season

In winter, Les Nuits Baroques offers an enchanting revival of the operas of Lully, plays by Molière and various ballet performances.

Spring is the season for chamber music with the Musica Nigella festival, and its the turn of young conductors to take to the stage during the Le Touquet International Music Masters (TIMM).

Les Pianos Folies has become a summertime institution. The festival attracts the greatest pianists from across the world, much to the delight of Paris-Plage audiences, while the spotlight turns to jazz during both the Christmas and summer holidays.

“When summer ends, on the sand…” Le Touquet Music Beach pumps up the volume in this unique event that attracts the biggest names of the international electro scene.

A universal langage

“Through this quest for culture, music plays an important role because it is a universal language that creates social links and reduces the generation gap”, concludes Yvan Offroy. “The town was right to place the emphasis on music because it’s everywhere nowadays. It’s as if the sound of music opens our hearts to other people. Music is like a modern form of poetry. Come to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for a musical experience that brings your emotions to the surface.”