A walk in Le Touquet inevitably begins in this magnificent forest
of age-old pines.

Bordered by cycle paths and dotted with picturesque villas oozing with charm, the forest of Le Touquet is the perfect backdrop to your revitalising walks. Take a trip to the origins of the Four Seasons Resort.

A little history…

In 1837, Alphonse Daloz, a Parisian lawyer, acquired 1,600 hectares of dunes in the Domaine du Touquet, which until then had belonged to the neighbouring town of Cucq. Daloz decided to devote his land to forestry, since it had proven to be unsuitable for livestock breeding and agriculture. In 1855, the first maritime pines were planted to stabilise the dunes. This variety was chosen for its rapid growth and its suitability for the dry habitat.

But planting a pine forest is no easy feat. Because of the wild rabbits that fed on the seedlings, it sometimes took 7 or 8 attempts to reach a satisfactory result.

Several years later, while Daloz and his friend, Hippolyte de Villemessant, were hunting in the new forest of Le Touquet, they were inspired by the idea of turning this magnificent land between sea and forest into a dream holiday destination for Parisians! And so the resort of Paris-Plage was officially created in 1882.

A biodiversity gem

Today, the forest of Le Touquet is home to a whole diversity of plants and wildlife, including great spotted woodpeckers, ringneck snakes, and orchids.

The maritime pines have remained as an identifying feature dating from the resort’s origins. However, they now share the forest with new varieties that have regenerative properties, and DNA-based research has revealed that the trees’ ecotype originates from Landes.

Throughout the year, guided tours take you exploring this outstanding natural habitat. The footpaths, bridle paths and cycle paths invite you to enjoy a gentle adventure and a pleasant sense of freedom.