As the flagship hue of summer, blue dominates the cloud-free sky and the almost lukewarm seawater. This deep yet bright colour gives us a boost and sets the scene for a day at the beach.

Late morning, grab your buckets and spades and the children’s suncream, or head for one of the beach bars dotted along the seafront! It’s so easy to unwind here with your feet in the sand. So why not spend the entire day in the shade of a parasol, close to the beach clubs that keep your children happy?

Sand castles, icecream and seashells 

The beach is a living space in its own right and a great place to get away from it all. Here you’ll find a whole array of activities and distractions to keep you occupied all day long. A jog on the beach or an early-morning walk, for example, with only the seagulls to keep you company. And as night falls, you can feast your eyes on the enchanting picture postcard that unfolds as the setting sun alights the sky.

Lovely springtime blues

Through the day, you can also visit the beach bars for a drink or a bite to eat, or enjoy sports activities such as beach volleyball or sandyachting, while the beach clubs will delight the children. Then there are the dunes, a protected space just waiting to be explored at each end of the vast beach. Unless you prefer to unwind in the thalassotherapy centre.

The blue of the sea and the sky go so well with the warm golden tones of the fine sand that it would be a pity to miss being part of the picture.