Les Clés du Phare

The creation of the Key Lighthouse is part of a simple observation as often ... Le Touquet Paris Plage, luxury resort attracts families looking for quality rental for an unforgettable stay. Le Touquet Paris Plage is also a station with second homes competing with charm and comfort, often unoccupied most of the year Are you the owner? In your absence, you want to rent your residence? Sometimes you need services but you do not have anyone there? From simple on heating, monitoring site or organizing a party, your needs are many and varied. I'm here to help you. L another mission that I set is to be the link between owners and renters and allow everyone to enjoy. I want to offer each tailored services to leave carefree (and small suitcases!), To preserve its heritage and enjoy fully the flagship station of the Opal Coast, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. So I developed a network of competent and reliable partners who share the same values. Passionate about real estate, passionate about design, and having the taste of others, I wanted to put my enthusiasm and energy to provide quality services to all and tenants I would love to meet you and to serve you!