Soothing, energising, detoxifying… The virtues of thalassotherapy and professional beauty treatments are endless. So for once, why not take a little time out for yourself?

Nestling between a beach of golden sand and dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, Le Touquet’s thalassotherapy centre never ceases to innovate for your wellbeing. On the radiant Opal Coast, visible from the picture windows offering a panoramic view over the Channel, this soothing place invites quiet contemplation.

An escape between sea and light

Outside, the delectable sea air and the fragrance of maritime pines invite you to rediscover the great outdoors. The gentle waltz of the sea-spray emanating from the waves promises a wonderfully relaxing moment on the beach. Here, the virtues of the sea envelop you. But you can also savour its benefits at the spa, where expert hands and specialist products await you. Doctors, physiotherapists, beauty therapists and other professionals are there to offer their precious advice. So take the time to breathe deeply, to move your body and, most importantly of all, to unwind.

Spa and beauty treatments… for your wellbeing

When it comes to your wellbeing, the Nuxe spa at the Westminster Hotel is Le Touquet’s place to be. Alone or with a partner, you can enjoy customised treatments for both body and mind in an exquisitely pleasant experience. The Opale spa at the Grand Hôtel is another exceptional venue, with 300m² devoted entirely to helping you unwind. After a few strokes in the spacious pool heated to 28/29°C, slip into an elegant dressing gown and prepare to be pampered with massages and beauty treatments.

Then head for Villa Claude Maxime, where a team of beauty therapists propose the full head-to-foot treatment. From a spa bath session to a manicure, not forgetting the hair salon, treat yourself to an inner journey, in this heavenly spot between land and sea, to boost your energy and find new harmony.