Let’s go out tonight! Leave the pumpkin in the garage and head for the town centre where the night-owls reign.

Once upon a time…

Your nightlife adventure begins with a quiet drink, watching the sun go down from one of the beach bars. The air is warm and so is the sand, the horizon stretches as far as the eye can see, and the sky is aflame. What a lovely way to kick off the evening. It’s magical!

After nightfall, head for the shopping streets to visit one of the resort’s two casinos, where the sound of the waves yields to that of coins jangling before a wide-eyed gambler whose luck is in tonight.

A while later, after a win or two, a dilemma emerges: wine, beer or cocktails? In the heart of the town, anything’s possible. Tonight, let’s head for a wine bar to try a few grand cru vintages.

Vous aimerez…

nos suggestions

At the twelfth strike of midnight

As midnight strikes, you’re not even thinking of leaving, quite the opposite! Night bar or night club, who cares, as long as you can dance the night away. (We recommend you do NOT wear glass slippers!)

And so they lived happily to the pleasant beat of techno, electro and disco music, and… finally left to go to bed at dawn, exhausted with delight.