A change of scene at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage may also coincide with a desire to change your interior. For greater wellbeing… at home. Enjoy the pleasure of browsing our homeware and interiors shops for those lucky finds and all the latest trends.

Through the seasons and depending on your mood, the shops of Le Touquet can spark your imagination. You may suddenly decide to embark on major interior work, for example, or just come up with a beautiful centrepiece for your dining room. Naturally, professional creators, landscapers and interior designers will be on hand to listen to your needs and desires. A whole host of specialists are ready to put all their talent into helping you decode the latest trends. That said, anyone can have a go at this challenge!

An interior that reflects who you are

After all, whether it’s your holiday home or your main residence, there’s nothing quite like the comfort and warmth of your own personalised space. So a visit to the beautiful home interior shops and antique sellers of Le Touquet is the ideal way to find inspiration.

From shop to shop, you’ll relish pure lines inspired by the sea, pleasant materials and bright, harmonious tones. You’ll discover a few curiosities, succumb to a sudden temptation, and adjust your colour range to suit your mood or the latest trend. When you reinvent your interior or opt for a change in style, you realise how easy it is to give your home a new lease of life. And it’s great fun too!

Find those gems and take action

Because change isn’t really that hard! Sometimes, a tiny detail can lead to a major transformation. In Le Touquet, you’ll find all you need to redecorate your home, mend a damaged item of furniture, polish the family dresser, or remove the marks of time from an old wooden table. With everything from culinary arts to house linen and lighting, the possibilities are endless.

And why not take a stroll in the art galleries too, in search of a gem that will look great on that plain wall? At an antique shop, you might stumble on a rare piece with its own unique and fascinating story, or come across an original poster or a canvas that you can’t make heads or tails of, painted by some obscure artist…

In short, you just may find THE treasure that’s been missing from your cosy nest, along with a souvenir of your travels in Le Touquet.