Horse-riding is another flagship sport of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. At the equestrian park, one of France’s best sites devoted to the sport, novice riders rub shoulders with top jockeys.

The indoor schools, outdoor arenas, individual stables, competition arenas and a race track promise all those riding sensations, from family pony rides to world-class competitions.

A whole diversity of riding experiences

Pony-rides for small children, horse-and-carriage rides, riding lessons, equitherapy and equestrian vaulting are just a few of the host of activities available to the general public. Several arenas, a multitude of individual stables and specific facilities are available for enthusiasts of this elegant sport.

Lessons, improver courses and hacks offer a gentle approach to getting to know these animals, as well as views of the resort like none you’ve seen before. The “dunes and beach” and forest itineraries, for example, will alllow mindful riders to fully appreciate the beauty of the natural spaces of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

Expert riders are invited to take routes allowing a wider exploration of the Opal Coast. For example, a long-distance hack can be enjoyed over several days on Henson horses, the iconic breed of the Bay of Somme.

A prestigious venue

Le Touquet Equestrian Park is also the scene of some major events. Every year, the best riders and 500 horses from 20 nations across the world meet for the International Showjumping Competition. A highlight of spring and a major item on the agenda of the world’s top riders.

In summer, the race track also hosts a few key race meetings. A unique chance to enjoy an original experience at this prestigious venue!