If Le Touquet could be summed up in a single feature, it would be the beach. This vast natural gem offers 11km of fine sand and dunes stretching as far as the eye can see. It connects Canche Bay in the north to the neighbouring resort of Stella-Plage in the south.

Its extraordinary scale makes this beach an iconic feature of the resort, embodying everything Le Touquet stands for. Above all, it offers nature enthusiasts a choice habitat of unique biodiversity waiting to be explored.

Canche Bay Nature Park

Located at Le Touquet’s northern tip, the Canche Bay Nature Park reveals all the beauty of its multi-faceted landscape.

Stretching across more than 45 hectares, this protected site has been the focus of a development strategy since 2009. Among other advantages, this has facilitated access to the site for pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and nature-lovers who share the designated paths. There’s also a fitness trail dotted with exercise apparatus that can be used by anyone keen to shape up or stay on form.

The watersports centre and the different observatories offer breathtaking views over the estuary. Here, you can spot seals basking on the sand bank formed by marine currents, and also observe the thousands of migratory birds that come to spend time in the estuary.

Here, hikers recharge their batteries breathing the invigorating sea air mixed with woody aromas from the nearby forest.

Guide walks and discovery trails

Mudflats, tidal flats, channels… A fascinating itinerary featuring 9 information panels reveals all the secrets of Canche Bay. It offers insight into the interactions taking place between these different habitats, and a chance to observe the wildlife that populates the water, the mud and the sky.

Every year in the holiday season, tours are organised by nature guides who will also tell you about the beach and how the dunes are formed. These tours will push out your culinary boundaries too, introducing you to the edible plants and seaweed that grow on Canche Bay, such as the samphire, sea aster and sea purslane that chefs are so enthusiastic about.

Last but not least, there’s nothing quite like horse riding in the dunes to fully appreciate the sense of freedom that the shores of Le Touquet can give you.