Bertrand Lambert has left a legacy to be proud of. The five-times world sand-yachting champion has made this discipline an iconic sport of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage! No wonder the Manche Watersports Centre has been named after him.

Because the Opal Coast’s southern beaches are ideal for sand-yachting, Le Touquet regularly hosts national and international competitions. In 2006, for example, the world championship took place here, offering a rare spectacle far too good to miss under any circumstances!

A competition setting

Top athletes can perfect their skills in this optimal environment. So the competitions offer the perfect opportunity to admire their performance. Like in April 1991, for example, when Bertrand Lambert smashed the world speed record by reaching 151.55km/hour! Both world champions, his daughters Charlotte and Clémence have followed in his footsteps. What about you? Fancy trying for the next champion title?

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Sand-yachting, try it once and you’ll be hooked

At low tide, vast stretches of the beautiful 7km beach of fine sand are exposed, offering the ideal terrain for hitting those top speeds aboard one of Le Touquet’s elegant sand-yachts. All it takes is a favourable wind to see the white sails bearing the famous caddie, hurtle at full speed across the sand.

With the wind in your hair, you can try your hand at the helm of this sand vehicle gliding along with the wind as its only power source. The watersports centre proposes sand-yachting lessons and courses, and even one-to-one tuition for beginners from the age of 8 years. You’ll quickly learn to handle the vehicle and start enjoying the thrill from the very first session in complete safety. Just what you need to build confidence and, basically, get yourself hooked on this new experience.