Do you have your sea legs? Le Touquet is a watersports heaven that invites you to take a deep breath of sea air. No less than two watersports centres attract both curious beginners and seasoned seafarers throughout the year, for a whole range of activities. Follow the guide!

As the sun comes up, a thousand colourful reflections dance on the waters of Canche Bay. This choice natural setting is where you’ll find one of Le Touquet’s watersports centres.

Canche Bay watersports centre

If you want to obtain your coastal boating licence or simply rent out a kayak, canoe, paddleboard, giant paddleboard, pedalo, catamaran, sailing dinghy or windsurf board, the Canche Bay watersports centre is the place to be.

The site is particularly family-friendly, as children can partake in many watersports, such as sailing in Optismist dinghies, for example.

The instructors also organise guided kayak trips for an energising and totally safe exploration of Canche Bay. The experience is well worth the effort: once you reach the main arm of the river, you’ll let yourself glide to the sea, before returning to the watersports centre with the help of the marine currents. An excursion full of discoveries, contemplative moments and, with a little luck, some wonderful encounters. Indeed, Canche Bay is home to a few seals who enjoy basking on the sand banks at low tide. Not forgetting the many birds that come to nest in the area during the migratory period.

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Bertrand Lambert Manche watersports centre

Located at the southern end of the beach, the Bertrand Lambert Manche watersports centre focusses more specifically on sand-yachting.

Introductory paddleboarding, surfing and kitesurfing sessions are also available for adrenalin seekers who are keen to ride the wind and the waves. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is indeed an ideal surf spot that’s very accessible even to beginners.

Sea-wading, which involves walking along the coast but in the water, is another option at the Manche watersports centre. Suitable for anyone aged 16 years and up, sea-wading is an excellent activity for cardio-vascular health, balance and muscle tone. Enthusiasts take note: for safety reasons, this physically challenging sport is done only in groups. Don’t forget your wetsuit and water shoes for maximum comfort.